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What people are saying about Lex.

Understanding the needs of users

Lex joined our team for his graduation project. It was a rather complex project: how can we have a large community of users collaboratively use, host and distribute durable consumer goods, e.g. a power drill. Through a series of well designed experiments, Lex was able to identify the key success factors that would need to be met to make such a system work. Continue reading...

— Marcel Schouwenaar, on 1 September 2016

Surprising new interaction insights

I’ve worked with Lex during his graduation project. He had the difficult task of tackling the user experience of one of Peerby’s possible future directions: interacting with ownerless products. It was a difficult, human-centred assignment with very little existing research, but he managed to get results and surprised us with new insights. Continue reading...

— Eelke Boezeman, on 12 August 2016