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Dutchmother tongue


Making physical and digital prototypes and mockups. Experience with 3D printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming etc. Also able to program with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Product design

Designing and/or improving big and small physical products, services and apps.

Graphic design

Logos and corporate identities, presentations and reports and (app) icons.


Presenting projects and designs for big and small audiences. Clean, animated presentation slides. I always aim for and build up to a surprise effect.

Video editing

Directing and editing of product concept videos.


macOS and iOS

I'm a so called “power user” on both the Mac and iOS devices. These systems don't have much left hidden for me. Explaining and solving issues that people encounter in these OSes is what I do as part of my job and for fun.

Pages and Keynote

I use Pages to make great-looking, well-structured reports. And my Keynote presentations are always clear, to-the-point and beautifully animated. I also know my way around Microsoft Office.

Sketch and Pixelmator

I'm good at Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and even better with Mac-native alternatives like Pixelmator and Sketch.


I can build, test and render my product designs in SolidWorks. I probably only know the tip of the iceberg of this 3D CAD application, but I am a quick learner. So it is likely that I can also use other CAD applications.

Final Cut Pro

I've edited a couple of product concept videos in Final Cut Pro and have become quite familiar with it.

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I just started, dipping my toes in Swift and iOS programming. Such a nice language. I got so many ideas for little utility apps…


I have developed some HTML and CSS knowledge with building this website, and learning more every time I'm working on it. I've also built website for others or helped them build one.


To build this and other websites, I've used PHP with MySQL as a backend. This includes the full website, portfolio, blog and a custom built CMS.


Quickly developed intermediate skill in coding with Arduino.


Made a fully functioning prototype in 4 weeks, with zero Python foreknowledge.

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Apple Product Professional, certified by Apple in 2011, 2012 and 2015
Simplicate Master, certified by Simplicate in 2018


Perfectionist, curious, efficient, goal oriented, analytical, quick learner, getting my hands dirty, technical insight, and a good listener.

Driver's license

B (car)