Interaction Designer at Apple

One can dream, right?

Jul 2017 - now

Medior Interaction Designer at Hoppinger

Same job with more responsibilities, like being Lead Design on several projects.

Jan 2016 - Jul 2017

Junior Interaction Designer at Hoppinger

The internet agency of Rotterdam. Designing interaction prototypes and wireframes of websites. The first stages of interaction design include user research with empathy mapping, personas and customer journeys.

Jan 2010 - Feb 2016

Service employee at LJS Automatisering BV

The Apple Authorised Service Provider in The Hague. Intake of defect machines and doing both software and hardware repairs. Helping customers solve their technical problems. Sales of new products.

Nov 2015 - Dec 2015

Freelance Interaction Designer at The Incredible Machine

Built a prototype of an Internet connected scale for Rechtstreex.

Feb 2015 - Sep 2015

Interaction Design graduate student at The Incredible Machine

My graduation project on a product-sharing service system called Mesh, for design agency The Incredible Machine and sharing platform Peerby.


Childhood jobs

Assembling IKEA furniture. Delivery of morning newspapers De Telegraaf and Financieel Dagblad, local newspaper Groot Rijswijk and advertisement magazines in two districts.


2013 - 2015

Master Design for Interaction at Delft University of Technology

Human-centred design, focusing on the user and his experience and expectations. With creative, hands-on and inspiring electives 1 and some very in-depth and instructive projects.2 View master portfolio.

  1. Some notable electives were Socially Tangible Media about designing physical products with a digital connection and that have actual value, Creative Facilitation for which I hosted a creative workshop for the Ministry of Internal Affairs during their Cyber Security Future Search campaign and Memetic Product Design during which I designed Juice Monkey.  ↩

  2. The main projects from this master are Exploring Interactions where I designed Shaped, Usability and User Experience where we user-tested and redesigned the Whirlpool microwave and the Joint Master Project where we designed and developed Nova Radian, a SUP assist module for Jobe Sports.  ↩

2009 - 2013

Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology

Designing products with a broad focus on mechanics, engineering, materials, ergonomics, business analysis, marketing, cost analysis, production techniques, aesthetics and user experience. The program included a variety of projects3 for different companies. View bachelor portfolio.

  1. Most notable projects were the Minor Sports Innovation with research on outsole grip for ASICS Europe and my Bachelor Final Project with Crystal Slide, a completely new revolving door design in Apple Retail Stores for Royal Boon Edam.

    Other notable clients were Mystic, Rituals, 2Move, Schiphol, Formatec and Sparta. Not all companies knew they were part of an university project.  ↩

2003 - 2009

VWO at IMC Rijswijk and Zandvliet College The Hague

Atheneum with Science and Engineering profile and elective Visual Arts.


Sep 2009 - now


Making physical and digital prototypes and mockups. Experience with 3D printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming etc. Also able to program with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Feb 2008 - now

Apple support

Support in managing and configuring Apple devices. Advising on Apple and tech related topics. Support and guidance in switching to Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Sep 2009 - Jun 2013

Translator for international software developers

Localization from English to Dutch for Mac and iOS apps Instacast and BusyCal, among others.



Dutchmother tongue

Product design

Designing and/or improving big and small physical products, services and apps.

Graphic design

Logos and corporate identities, presentations and reports and (app) icons.


Presenting projects and designs for big and small audiences. Clean, animated presentation slides. I always aim for and build up to a surprise effect.

Video editing

Directing and editing of product concept videos.


OS X and iOS

I'm a so called “power user” on both the Mac and iOS devices. These systems don't have much left hidden for me. Explaining and solving issues that people encounter in these OSes is what I do as part of my job and for fun.

Pages and Keynote

I use Pages to make great-looking, well-structured reports. And my Keynote presentations are always clear, to-the-point and beautifully animated. I also know my way around Microsoft Office.

Sketch and Pixelmator

I'm good at Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and even better with Mac-native alternatives like Pixelmator and Sketch.


I can build, test and render my product designs in SolidWorks. I probably only know the tip of the iceberg of this 3D CAD application, but I am a quick learner. So it is likely that I can also use other CAD applications.

Final Cut Pro

I've edited a couple of product concept videos in Final Cut Pro and have become quite familiar with it.

skill level →


I just started, dipping my toes in Swift and iOS programming. Such a nice language. I got so many ideas for little utility apps…


I have developed some HTML and CSS knowledge with building this website, and learning more every time I'm working on it. I've also built website for others or helped them build one.


To build this and other websites, I've used PHP with MySQL as a backend. This includes the full website, portfolio, blog and a custom built CMS.


Quickly developed intermediate skill in coding with Arduino.


Made a fully functioning prototype in 4 weeks, with zero Python foreknowledge.

skill level →

Curious, purposeful, realistic, analytical, persistent, learn quickly, task tackling, technical insight, and a good listener.



Apple and related technology, designing and building websites and apps, programming, other geeky stuff, DIY jobs, and engaging in creative projects.


Running and basketball. Participate monthly in running events, mainly 10K and 21K. Played in a basketball team for 7 years.


Marcel Schouwenaar

Understanding the needs of users

Lex joined our team for his graduation project. It was a rather complex project: how can we have a large community of users collaboratively use, host and distribute durable consumer goods, e.g. a power drill. Through a series of well designed experiments, Lex was able to identify the key success factors that would need to be met to make such a system work.

Eelke Boezeman

Surprising new interaction insights

I’ve worked with Lex during his graduation project. He had the difficult task of tackling the user experience of one of Peerby’s possible future directions: interacting with ownerless products. It was a difficult, human-centred assignment with very little existing research, but he managed to get results and surprised us with new insights.